Companies Still Unaware of Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks

Getting hacked and falling victim to a cyber attack is one of the biggest fears for any business these days. But even though most companies are aware of the threat computer hackers pose many still don’t understand just how vulnerable they are to these cyber attacks.

As the world we live in becomes increasingly connected because of computers and businesses continue to expand their digital horizons, the opportunities for fraud, compromised data, and disruption of critical safety systems also increase. With this growing trend, many companies still need to do more to prepare for a possible cyber attack, and consulting a cyber security specialist like Dr. Eric Cole can be an excellent start.

Cyber security is crucial to the aerospace industry and satellite sector. Space assets play an important role in our nation’s infrastructure, and the aerospace industry must ensure that both safety and security risks are included when considering potential cyber attack scenarios. With aircrafts becoming more connected through digital technology, they are also a prime target for malicious hackers.

Dr. Cole wants to companies across all industries with their cyber security needs. As a cyber security expert with nearly 30 years of experience, in consulting, presenting and teaching, Dr. Cole can help keep your business and its valuable data safe. Dr. Cole has worked with a variety of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to top international banks, to the CIA. He has presented at many security events, including SANS, and has also been interviewed by several chief media outlets, such as CNN, CBS News and 60 Minutes.

You can experience Dr. Cole’s magic by booking him as your next keynote speaker. In his speeches, Dr. Cole explains cyber security in a way that not only everyone understands but that they also get excited about.

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