From Small Business To Big Government, Here’s Why Cyber Security Should Matter To Everyone

Cyber attacks could cost you dearly. From holding website or personal information hostage until you pay up or a purposeful takedown of online information, those who take to the digital frontier to terrorize private individuals or businesses have all the tricks up their sleeve.  Fortunately, any skilled cyber security expert will be able to suggest preventative measures and the best route to recovery for those already victimized.

According to the 2016 Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec, a security software company, small businesses made up the bulk of industries targeted in cyber attacks. According to the report that studies 2015 incidents, one in 40 small businesses are at risk when it comes to cyber attacks. According to Symantec, each day of 2015 saw more than 1 million online attacks.

“Cybercriminals continue to take advantage of vulnerabilities in legitimate websites to infect users, because website administrators fail to secure their websites,” the report states. “Nearly 75 percent of all legitimate websites have unpatched vulnerabilities, putting us all at risk.”

What else do cyber attacks typically target? Governments have been targeted. In March 2017, ransomware was deployed against the Pennsylvania State Senate in hopes of receiving a payment in return for un-encrypting online government information. Major retailers have also fallen victim.  Data from upwards of 40 million debit cards retained by Target was stolen in 2013 by hackers. Online outlets like the former news website Gawker and Yahoo’s email account also fell victim.

It all begs the question: What can a cyber security expert do for you?  As a business owner or operator of an organization that has more to worry about than someone in a different country trying to ruin your day, the safety of your website is still an important consideration. Someone with a background in computer science who is also in tune with the means and methodology of the hacking world can do more than enlighten you; they can save you from a major headache or financial nightmare.

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