Cyber Security Tips for Senior Citizens

Cyber security is a hot topic these days and the news surrounding it seems to get worse with each story. Hacks, stolen personal information and viruses are the norm. Every person in the world is susceptible to a hack. Hacks do not discriminate. They can happen to anyone, even the most careful people who know how to protect their information. Here are some cyber security tips for senior citizens.

Teach Vigilance

Vigilance is one of the most important things senior citizens can do to protect themselves online. The greatest generation is still learning how to use technology and how to trust it. Teaching vigilance is key to cyber security for seniors. Make sure they know not to click on spam or other ad banners that could be dangerous. Tell them not to provide their personal information in forms that are not from reputable sources.

Explain Information Security

Information security is another important topic you should discuss with senior citizens in your family. A cyber security keynote speaker recommends explaining information security by telling them about the consequences of their actions. If your senior family member loves to shop online, make sure they know that the “You’re the 10,000th customer, click here” ad is spam and could steal their information.


Ransomware has quickly become one of the most common types of online scams. Ransomware is used by hackers to obtain money from unsuspecting computer owners. Malware is installed onto a computer and you are told to pay a high fee to have the malware removed and your computer fixed. Seniors who don’t know about ransomware could find themselves out of hundreds of dollars quickly.

Safety Symbols

Teach the seniors in your family about the safety symbols they should look for when online. These include SSL, the padlock and many more. Some website urls even have the word secure next to them in the URL bar online.

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